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He’s done what’s only common sense.



Improved Brixton no end !

Felicity C. Brixton


About time too !

S.S. West Norwood





Good move.

Andy M.


Well done !

Rhys P.



L A, Lambeth


Bring back an officer with success.

TD., Brixton Hill


Popular and progressive.

ES., Lambeth


Honesty should be a virtue not a fault.

DM., Merton


We want him back.

MD., Penge


Get him back!

CN., West Norwood


Done loads – want him back.

CR., Lambeth


All for bringing down street crime.

Henry S., Lambeth


A human face

John S., Lambeth


We have been robbed several times and we want something done about it!

Billy &Jake., Lambeth


He’s done nothing wrong.

Niall A., Lambeth


Brixton copper who knows the manor. We want him back!

Matt C., Lambeth


Brian is great!! Please, please bring him back.

Francoise B., Lambeth


He knows the street! We need him.

Tracey H., Lambeth


We need him back.

Rowan J., Lambeth


Is everyone afraid of the truth.

Beverley M., Lambeth


We need him, and the people like him.

Henrietta L., Lambeth


We need him back.

Tanya S., Brixton


Back please

CRS., Lambeth


Lambeth needs him. Bring him back now

WN., Lambeth


Bring him back, he’s good for the community

DB., Lambeth


Bring him back

DH., Brixton


Bring him back. We need someone with a sensible, realistic approach – his arrival was long overdue.

Andrea W., Forest Hill


Right course.

Les O., Lambeth


Well done!

Paul K., Lambeth


Someone who actually tackles the issues gets castigated. Brave bloke.

Orlanda C., Lambeth


As a substance misuse social worker, I feel we need more like Brian Paddick. Get him back.

Lucy B., Brixton


Keep it up

Simon A., Brixton


He has my full support – keep up the good work.

Nigel W., Lambeth


Policing for the community. Tolerance!

Karmen L., Lambeth


I believe he actually works for the community.

S BA., Lambeth


I support his stance.

PBA., Lambeth


Reinstate Brian paddick. We need someone like him, we valued him.

David J., Lambeth


He has been treated outrageously. The police in  Lambeth need him back.

Geraldine F., Lambeth


The media in this country is poisonous. They print constant lies in their attempt to destroy a person who is genuine in their effort to develop a safe and tolerant community.

JSW., Lambeth


Brian Paddick should be reinstated – he has the right idea – smoking cannabis is far less of a worry than other problems in London


It is good to have someone with an honest opinion and not afraid to speak their mind.

Sue C., Lambeth


Fully deserves support of all locals

AZ., Lambeth



DR., Lambeth


We support you as those that are right cannot be kept down.

PAT & Marie R., Lambeth


You did a lot of good work in Lambeth.

Stephen D, Lambeth


Was doing a good job, should be back to continue.

Rachel H., Lambeth


Bring back Brian

Carl C., Lambeth


I commend him because his policy has been proved to help with Lambeth’s crack/heroin issues.

David W., Lambeth


It is a rare thing for a police man to have such support in the community – bring him back.

David W., Lambeth


Get him back.

Anita D., Lambeth


I support this campaign

Appalling treatment of a professional – for the first time a policy that has a chance of working. Reinstate him please.

F V., Lambeth


Paddick needs reinstating as soon as possible and given a chance to see through his successful campaign.

RV., Lambeth


Best thing to happen to the police for ages! More power to his elbow.

Pete J., Lambeth


The word “scapegoat” springs to mind! Traditional measures aren’t always the best mthods.

Gaynor W., Lambeth


I live in Lambeth. We are safer with police who understand and deal sensibly with drugs – police like Brian Paddick.

Sheila F., Lambeth


Great campaign.

Monica K., Brixton


Have just moved to this vibrant community ad it’s great to see recognition and belief in it’s clear qualities and energies.

Mark H., Lambeth


Lambeth needs people who are forward thinking. Legalising cannabis might not be right but the message is.

Dan W., Lambeth


Bring him back!

David M., Lambeth


Bring back the People’s Policeman

Commander Paddick bravely promoted policing priorities for Lambeth, for which he was character assassinated by cheque book journalism. He deserves our support for reinstatement.

Tim S., Lambeth


Listen to the police not the political parties.

AP., Lambeth


Is finally tackling the real causes of drugs.

PD., SW16


Commander Paddick has the courage to try something new when tackling old entrenched problems. The old solutions didn’t work. Paddick’s approach was beginning to break through old patterns and problems. Let him supervise the enactment of his vision. Bring him back!

CC., SW2


Like the song – Bring him back, Bring him back, Bring him back!

DF., Lambeth


I’ve lived in Brixton almost all my life and fully agree with Mr Paddick’s policies. Bring him back!

Elaine R., Brixton


There has to be someone who takes the stick for making the first move. Hopefully with this support the balance will move back to supporting him and his drive for logical policies.

SH., Lambeth


Everyone smokes, or has smoked, marijuana. Even the people who decided to remove Paddick. Moreover, everyone will still smoke, so what’s the harm in trying something new? I’m going to smoke now….!

PC., Lambeth


Fully agree with Mr Paddick policies – Bring him back – Brixton needs him back.

Amanda L., Brixton


I think it is outrageous that his personal life should have anything to do with the radical but much overdue policies he is trying to implement. He is taking a risk and that will always make him subject to slander. I support his courage.

Sarah G., Lambeth


People who smoke cannabis don’t run around robbing people. They sit quietly in a corner. Bring Paddick back!

Ron B., Lambeth


One of the few reasonable coppers and he gets suspended.

Neil S., Brixton


Finally, there is a policeman the public like, support, and respond to and what happened? He is apparently penalised and moved. Please, Met, exercise some common sense and act in a way that is in your own interest. Return Brian Paddick.

Henry R., Lambeth


For God’s sake, cannabis should be legal. Keep up the good work. Xx

Flo C., Lambeth


Keep up the good work. Nothing wrong with cannabis.

Kim C., Lambeth


Deserves support and to be brought back to prominence.

Amy S., Lambeth


Lambeth’s had some bad experiences with the Met. Brian Paddick is a first, a senior policeman who seems to understand Brixton.

AW., Lambeth


Lambeth needs Brian back. We’d like him in Peckham too!

Oonagh S., Peckham.


Deserves our support

Marlene S., Lambeth


I think Brian Paddick is in the wrong place at the wrong time – (scapegoat).

J Bastow


It’s about time we had some original thinking and some courage to see it through. Well done Brian. Good luck. You have our support.

HL., Brixton


Somebody wants to destro this mine – his line on cannabis is both right and inevitable.

Hilda B., Clapham


I wholeheartedly support the work of Brian Paddick and believe he has been the victim of a media witchhunt.. Good luck with the campaign.

Veronica R., Brixton


People trying to change things are usually criticised and vilified at first, but are usually proved right later on. Keep going!

Matt S., Lambeth


I support the work of Brian Paddick and believe his progressive ideas are a positive way forward.

Pete, Herne Hill.


Anyone targeting crack and heroin and not just coke should get our support.

Sally W., Lambeth


Having just moved to Lambeth – I liked what he had to say.

Lorna P.


Lived in Lambeth 40 years. Best feeling when he was in charge !

Mike H.,



Kate H


All my support for you Brian.

Shamus H.


We live in Lambeth (Brixton Hill) and believe in your work. You shouldn’t be dismissed, we and lots like us are behind you.

Belen S.


We hope you are back soon !!

Berni B.


Ban the Daily Mail !

D.H., Lambeth.


Good job in stemming the hard drug dealers in Brixton. Good Job !



Bring him back. I support the Lambeth experiment.



One outspoken police officer whose views the people need to hear !! I support the Lambeth project.



He listens to the people. It’s a homophobic affair.



Come on get real. Deal with real crime !

Michael W.


With the people.



With the people too.



Man of compassion. Man of sense. Peace & love.



Brave, freedom, joy.



He knows what he is doing. He is very good. (13 years old).

Areline D., Tulse Hill.


End the hypocrisy – And allow someone with integrity (Brian Paddick) to continue to talk sense.

Clare M.


Come back Brian.

Jake & Lil.


I hope you come back to Lambeth.

David W.


Don’t let the buggers get you down. Free/legalise drugs – cut down the crime. Any time.

Selene, Eris & Danny.


Keep on reducing crime !!!

Nathalie M.


If there were more people like Brian in the police force people may trust them more !


Such a shame that such a good community worker can be dismissed for such reasons.

Bella H.


Let him come to East Dulwich instead if you can’t get him back !

Mishi M., SE22


As long as he does the best he can in his job and personal life, and he seems to be, he’s welcome in my Lambeth !

Makaela G., SW9


I hope Commander Paddick is reinstated, despite the vicious political campaign being waged against him.

Stuart, Battersea.


Forgive/Let go-/live in the solution not the problem !

Nerelle D.


It’s alright we don’t bite.



Bring him back ! Homophobic rubbish !

D.S. Lambeth

Surely personal issues should not get in the way of someone who primarily does good in a community, serves it and knows what’s best for it. Maybe a media campaign to slur is a poor ground to start basing judgement.

R.C & Alex W., Brixton


A great man doing his best for a deprived community.



Let’s have him back. He was doing a great job.

Kathy A. SW2


Blunkett, listen to the people of Lambeth, not the Daily Mail.

Mike C. Lambeth


Shame that real politics are still not allowed – Another victory for middle England.

Gerhard B. Lambeth


Trying to divert resources to tackle hard drugs – Crack + Heroin – Support Paddick !

John M.


The sooner he’s back at work the better.

Alex B.


Focus on the real issues.

Ken W.


Bring back the best man for the job. Good luck Brian x x x x

Sonia R.


Thanks for your contribution to making the world more understanding – Concentrate on the real crime !



We want Brian back.

Simon B.


He needs to come back as soon as possible.

Verna B.


Doing well for community and crime.



Bring him back, he knows what he’s doing.

Nigel J


Brixton is lost without him !!

Rashad O.


Doing good and fighting crime.



Give him a fair hearing.



A fair and independent hearimg !



Please give him a fair hearing.

Cathy S.


Victimisation ! A scapegoat ! We need him back !

Susan R., Lambeth


Prioritising resources against the drugs that perpetuate crime.



A sensible voice against a load of drivel.

Paul O’C.


An ounce of reason in the desert of the drugs debate ! !

Roy M.


Reinstate our best policman.

Paul E.


Give him his job back.

Mays A., Anna M., Damien S., Charlotte D.


Give him back his job. Good Man.

Mary F. & Ralph F.


Bring him back.

R.G., Lambeth.


There’s no good reason for his suspension.

Malcom K., West Norwood.


Bring him back now !

Mark S., Streatham


At last – we had a sensible approach ! Can we have it back please !

Rebecca K., Southwark


Can you please do some justice around here !



More resources to clear the crack dealers from the streets – great idea.

Karen. Brixton


Stop homophobic attitudes within the police. We need more experienced officers in a difficult area, Lambeth, not the high percentage of probationers we currently have.

Tanya, Brixton.


Give him a break.

R.M. SE9


Get him back.

Jeff M. SE16

Supporting you. The first time that I have ever supported a policeman. Hope you come back to Lambeth.

Jackie S.


Get him back.

Geraldine H., Lambeth


At last – someone with vision + action. Get him back !

Anthony H.


No one should be punished for speaking the truth.

Sue W., Herne Hill


Reinstate Brian Paddick without further delay.

Wayne E.


Utterly ridiculous to shift a man aside because of these allegations. I feel there is some prejudice at work here surrounding outdated cannabis laws and sexuality.

Donella F. SE8


Bring him back, the police need to show us some intelligence.

C.D. Brixton.


His sexuality is irrelevant. I think he has been ostracised for this.

Norma S.


The scapegoat is always the person who is a little different : The person who is a little different can usually see the whole a lot clearer.

Mystique H.


Brian Paddick is a great policeman.

Yvonne M.


Brian is the way forward.

Janie B


Give us Brian back.

Marco B.


We want Brian back.

Inger C., Stockwell.


The only reason he was suspended is because he’s openly gay. Bring him back – we need some action on crack in central Brixton.

Erin G.


We need good policeman.

Katrina L.


Why get rid of the one person doing a good job.

Kathryn K.


Lambeth needs you back

Helen A., Lambeth


Get him back.

Anthea L.


Stop reading ‘The Mirror’

Mike S.