Brian is the only copper I’ve ever liked ! Please reinstate him !

Cath C., Tulse Hill


He talks sense.

Carol T.


Unfair treatment of police officers must end now !

Will R


We support his innovative policies in Lambeth.

Cliff W., Lambeth


Bring back Brian ! (Now please)



Bring him back. He is a good policeman in this Borough for a long time.

Ian B.


I support him because he say the truth.

Jane V., SE2


Brian Paddick is a brilliant, brave visionary – one of the few with an awareness of what really needs to be done in Lambeth. Don’t let a childish press get away with victimisation.

Oli M., SE24


Let’s have Brian back: The police force needs to represent  EVERYONE not just straight white guys !

Anastasia C.


We must have Brian back, we need him to do the job he does best. Lambeth is not the same without him.

Brenda F., SW9


We must have Brian back as soon as possible because we need him to get crime down

.Dennis T., Clapham


Brian is an effective chief officer. He is high-profile because he is successful and respected. And respect is something the Met needs very much.

Peter M.


An honest man.

Joeseph L., SW4


Honesty does not always pay.

Mrs M. Northolt


Brian Paddick should be reinstated to his old post at Brixton Police Station, he is a good police officer.

Mrs W., Streatham


Bring back this police officer to his right place.



Great guy.



Drugs are bad.

James G.


I have met him , found out it’s someone I can speak to. Don’t worry my household supports you



Why was he got rid of ? Too good for Lambeth and doing his job properly.

B.G. Kennington


We want you back. You were doing so well before the petty minded people got you out. Hurry back we need you.

Laura B. Dulwich


It’s a disgrace. Justice must be done.

Steve C.


Bring back Brian – We need him !



Give this man a chance !!

L. F.


We need the best so why treat him badly.

Eric I.


Such a good officer should be reinstated.

Mary W.


Bring Brian Paddick back.

N. Lambeth


Bring back Brian.

Nancy O.


Well done.

Jennifer B.


Good luck.

John B


We need him in Lambeth.



It’s brave for anyone to take risks to change the law about drugs. It’s also brave to be open about your sexuality. It’s brave to be different. So he should be given a fair hearing and not hounded out of his job because he is gay and willing to take risks.

Michael T


Makes sense. Not a crime !!

Seamus K.


He made a difference – it shouldn’t be knocked.

Lauri P


It’s about time the system agreed with somebody who understands the real world.

Richard S


It’s well overdue, the relaxing of the cannabis law, but it should be legalised not just decriminalised !!

Ray P.


Since when does anybody believe what they read in the Daily Mail ?

Marion W.


Bring him back !



Bring him back !

Linda D.


Reinstate the man !



Bring him back !



He should be back !



He should be back !



A normal member of the community we all say – bring him back.



Thank goodness there’s someone sane in the police !

Helen F.


Bring him back, he is unique.

Romek C.


I would like Brian Paddick back in Brixton.



I agree – Brian Paddick is good for Brixton.



I agree, Brian Paddick should be re-instated immediately.



Bring back Brian.

Robert G.


Definitely shouldn’t have gone in the first place !

Charlie K.


A man with a vision.

Marie G., Southwark


A copper you can have some faith in.

James B. Lambeth


I would like to see Mr Paddick back in his post.

Chris L.


Bring him back. Brave man.

Tim J. SE22


A man who’s got it right for 2002.

Adrian F.


He’s a good man.

Arraw C.


Bring him back a.s.a.p.

Steph S


No wrongdoing. Just nice.

Matt P.


Come back a.s.a.p. we need you.

Maxine. Kennington


Agree with that ! Brixton needs you ! And Lambeth !!

Elaine K.


Bring back some sanity !

Merlin C


Yes bring back some sanity !

Debbie C


He has done a good job for Lambeth.


Lambeth Talk You Say 1 > You Say 2 > You Say 3

I agree with the above - bring him back !

Zara P. ,Lambeth


He got results – reinstate him.



Bring him back !!

K.W., Brixton


We must have Brian back – Great man !

R.C. ,Lambeth


Progressive views can’t be a bad thing – and much needed round here. Get him back.

Tamasin C. & Alistair H.


Seems to be in touch with a large chunk of the Lambeth people – so they promptly suspend him !

Fiona C., Lambeth


Sensible man – Lambeth needs him !

Jim W., Wales


Need him back !

B.R., Lambeth


Reinstate !

Polly V.


Bring him back.

Christina K., Lambeth


We need good people like him to empower others to be active & realistic. Bring him back.

Sara K., Brixton.


Brixton and Lambeth need police officers like Brian Paddick, who aren’t afraid to tackle difficult issues.

Andrew W., Tulse Hill


Brian Paddick deserves the highest support of this community.

Victoria H., Brixton


Living near Loughborough Junction I think Brian Paddick got police priorities right, tackling the serious crime with intelligence.

Flora B. ,Lambeth


Supporting a more imaginative/innovative approach !

Emily H. ,Lambeth


Not surprised !

D.R. ,Lambeth


Bring him back & let him continue his good work. Thanks.

Hazel S., Lambeth


Doing a great job – bring him back ‘a breath of fresh air’

J.B. ,Lambeth


He’s not bad.



Bring back Brian !!

Victoria C., Lambeth


We need someone in touch with the community to solve our problems.

Natalie B. ,Lambeth


Bring him back soon.

S.C. ,Lambeth


Great to see some action of support. Local news on the website in relation to real local issues (i.e. muggings) + pos things.

R.A. ,Lambeth


Looking forward to his return !

R.B. ,Lambeth


Finally a police chief with some real understanding – not surprised they ditched him !



I believe Brian Paddick has made a huge difference to the reduction of supply of hard drugs in Brixton – Bring him back there is loads left to do !

Helen G., Tulse Hill


Bring back some common sense.

Esme – Tulse hill


He is a good copper – we want him back.



Have been following the whole saga. Smear campaign is obvious. It’s a shame a great committed successful copper who cares was kicked out.

Dan B. ,Lambeth


Of course Mr Paddick is the right solution for this area.

Dr & Mrs F. ,Lambeth


Mr Paddick was made a scapegoat. We need more support for him

Maria A. ,Lambeth


I have written to Lord Harris; And I hereby reiterate my support to reinstate Mr Brian Paddick to serve the Lambeth Community .

A.V. ,Lambeth


Being gay in the Met Police is normal. But I don’t feel that, as a police Chief, one should exhibit this as a forefront. Policing is, and should be, apolitical; non-sexual. Ban all drugs, including mind changing cannabis.

Andy F. ,Lambeth


I think we need more people like Brian Paddick to be innovative & take risks – not less – reinstate him !

Andrew T. ,Lambeth


Much more information is needed to understand the relationship between cannabis and hard drugs – ignorance is not helping anyone – Good Luck !

Phyllida P. ,Lambeth


He must stay !

Joanne S. ,Lambeth


We need people in power with this man’s approach.

Damian R.


He’s the best.

Fabian P.


Bring him back.

Ed H. ,Lambeth


We need Brian back to rid the streets of drug dealers !

Mary R., Lambeth


About time someone had a realistic drugs policy in London.

Graeme M. ,Lambeth


The drugs project in Brixton was Brian Paddick’s vision. If he isn’t at the helm how can it be co-ordinated properly. Brixton needs him back to finish his hard work. Just when things were getting better the rug was pulled from under it.

Enya O. & Lauron B.


What’s the problem ??

Teresa M. & Lauron H. ,Lambeth


He has my support.

Carole W. ,Lambeth


We support you in Lambeth for what you are doing.

F.S. ,Lambeth


You are very brave, at least you tried something !



We believe in what you have tried to do. You have our wholehearted support !

Malcom T.


The future of policing. Bring him back.

Richard C., Bristol


The first policeman with a positive approach to soft drugs. Bring him back.

Diane K. ,Lambeth


The right man for the right job – bring him back now !!



Let’s have him back !

David S.


Lambeth needs a man like this.

Andrew G., SE24


Wishing for a speedy return.

Joanne W., SW2


Come back all is forgiven.

Tom W., SW9


Bring him back !

Glyn T.


Policing relevant to local wishes gets my support !

Lydia L.


Ditto !

Kate C.


Look forward to having him back !

Nicky W., Streatham.



Peter M