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Effective, popular, brave and honest: a fine ambassador for the police: who wants him out? what's wrong with them?

Meredith O., Lambeth


Astonished and appalled by these recent developments. Why can’t the Met sieze the opportunity this has presented them with, put Paddick back and show who’s side they’re on?

Bernard G, Norwood


It's a pity that the closest we get to an innovative approach on drugs policing in years has been tainted with these allegations. He seemed to be doing a good job to me. The people who have been affected by his policies seem to have had their say. Good luck to him and I hope he gets the chance to carry on making a difference.

Rob, Brixton


The treatment of Paddick has disgraced the Met. To see London's police chiefs dance to the tune of a newspaper which once supported Hitler appals.
Lambeth quite clearly wants to see the return of their top cop. A brave guy who was willing to put himself at risk to communicate with them effectively and discover their needs. This sets policing in London back 20 years. We need more cops like Paddick, and far less like the ones that so eagerly helped the Mail stitch him up.

Phil, Camden was the first US media outlet covering the Paddick story and we also call for the rightful return to his post in Lambeth, a community that very obviously loves him.

Michael Hess, Editor


The latest news that Brian Paddick will not be returning to his south London post is a blatant snub to the people of Brixton and Lambeth. Sir John Stevens promised Paddick's return should he be cleared of the charges against him. Now Sir John has conveniently forgotten that promise.
It would seem that "community policing" and "policing by consent" are just empty phrases as far as the Met Commissioner is concerned.
Paddick had built a level of trust of the police never before seen in Brixton. Now that will all go down the drain.
I guess the opinions on this site and on the 5000 signature petition which was mostly collected around Brixton's shops and pubs count for nothing!
Now you know what happens when the people of Brixton aren't treated with respect by the cops don't you Sir John !!

Paul B., Brixton


As the wife of a serving officer, I don't usually praise the pen-pushers who sit in offices, but Paddick is different, he's the only one who's prepared to get out there and talk to people. This has been a witch-hunt from the beginning.

LC, London


Return Brian.

Jo C.



Anthony G.


Reinstate Brian Paddick.

Sarah T., Lambeth


Bring Brian Paddick back – Lambeth was a safer place.

Val N., Lambeth


He only wanted to concentrate on real crime and for that and personal issues that have nothing to do with his job he’s been scapegoated. Get him back O.K.

Pat H., Lambeth


The population of Brixton cannot all be wrong...So MET if you don't want Brian Paddick send him over to us...we could really use a progressive thinking chief in our city!!

Jo, Los Angeles, USA


Genuinely innovative approach to cannabis policing. His sexuality has nothing to do with his ability to do his job. Which he did very well.

Robbie K., Lambeth


Good ideas, good vision.

Ciaran O’H., N19


At last – a policeman with a human face and attitude to boot. Not too surprising if paranoia got the better of the authorities. Too many men like him and they might be found out !

Jill H., Stockwell


Keeping up with the times at last.

Susan L.


About time for enlightenment.

Karen H.


A decent policeman. Keep him !

Liam K.


To blame the messenger for the message – ‘Prohibition doesn’t work’ – ridiculous but predictable. Keep up the good work.

Robert M.


The Met should be more open minded and support people who are doing a good job.

Kate W.


Great guy !!

Rhoda M, Lambeth


Pathetic homophobic grass phobic idiots scared of your own shadows !

Antonio B.


Support Brian all the way.

Geoff T., SW2



Support Brian in Brixton.

Bloynan, Lancs


Bring him back immediately.

Steve M., SE24.


One of the few decent people Lambeth has had in a position of power.

Lucy R.


Excellent initiative. It’s time to stop the hypocrisy.


Pearl., Lambeth


Bring back Brian !

Jo, Lambeth.


You’re what the real people of Lambeth are about.

Linda, Lambeth.


You’re the man !!

Tracey, Lambeth.


He is a clever and real human being who demonstrates compassion – he got his priorities right.

Catherine L.


I support and respect his ideas and views which I am sure will have a lasting effect

Yogesh B.


I support Paddick 100%.

Bob S.


Listen to the community.

Victoria B., Lambeth


The community needs community policing – by consent !

Ed W., Lambeth


I think Mr Paddick is more  in touch with reality than any politician ever to set foot in the House of Commons.

Mark R., Lambeth


Somebody should have done it long ago, only Paddick knows how !





Heard him speak at a meeting, brilliant ! Bring him back a.s.a.p.

Margaret E., Lambeth


Why does being gay make you a bad police officer. IT DOES NOT.

Harriet B. SW2


Someone’s gender or race being taken into account would be illegal. It should be the same for someone’s sexuality and private life.

Martyn G., N4


We want you back real soon.

Jacquie H., SW2


Ludicrous situation !

Gaya S., SE15


Don’t waste time ! Reinstate this man !



Progressive forward thinker.

Davog O.


Brian Paddick’s policy must be carried on and fully tried out. The existing approach on drugs policing is not working, anymore than prohibition did in America in the 1920’s.

Andy N., Clapham


Please go ahead you deserve the best. Don’t be afraid you have our support.

Luiz & Ian


I support Brian Paddick.

Tricia W.


Stop listening to the Daily Mail – Evolve ideas – Support Paddick !

Neil S., Brixton Hill.


His work in Lambeth speaks for itself. Stop the witchhunt.

Stephen M., Stockwell.


I support his policy we need change !

Kim D.


He understands real people. Bring him back !

Chris K.


His treatment is unfair. Bring him back now.

Bev O.


Bring him back !

Belinda E.


Bring back Brian.

J.M. Lambeth






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Keep your head up Brian. The only thing criminal is the way that this man is being treated. He is an inspiration to so many..

Andy, Washington


brian is the only senior copper that brixton trusts. Going by Sir John Stevens' disgraceful betrayal of trust, brixtonians are right to feel that way. Stevens, you lied to us!

Jeremy C., Lewsiham


I am a Dutch woman living in London for the past 2 years now. The English culture and the values and morals of the English people never cease to amaze me and what has happened to Brian Paddick is again a good example. Ever since I first read about his story I have wanted to wish him strength and give him my warmest support. To me it is absolutely incomprehendable what exactly his crime is. Being gay? having an affair with another gay man? smoking poit? For godsake leave the man alone and let him do in his private life as he chooses. As long a she does not harm anybody else with it, where do we get the right to interfere and to judge him?

Elise, London


I was disgusted to hear on the 'Today' programme this morning that Commander Paddick is not to be allowed to return to Lambeth, even though it is plain to any unprejudiced person that the nonsense the 'Mail' printed (when do they ever print anything else?) had been motivated by spite from a particular gentleman and the extreme homophobia of the Mail group of newspapers.

It will be sad if Mr Paddick resigns, because the M.P. needs more officers who has his honesty and committment, but I think we can understand why he might feel it was the only course he felt able to talk.

Whatever he does, I wish him well.

Alan, Ilford


why on earth should i support the police when they support homophobia?
law and order - but only if you're white and read the mail it seems
Paddick seems to be a good man - he certainly is a good police officer
Use him where he can do his work, AND provide some sort of decent profile for queer officers



It would be a criminal waste of talent if Brian Paddick is not allowed to continue his work in Brixton.

RVS, Lewisham


We need more policemen like him all over the Country.

He is just a scapegoat and they obviously don't know what is good for the community.

BC, Southend


Please can we have our Police Chief back? He seems to know what he's doing and he hasn't had a proper chance to prove it yet. The man needs to be here for several years to make a difference - I believe he can! Leave petty concerns aside and let him get on with it.

Simon, Brixton


I’ve lived here for 20 years, and I never thought I’d see a policeman cheered like that.

John S., Lambeth


Send him over here to Hackney, we could do with one of those

Laura C., Hackney


So, he used the net. So what? Time was the Chief Constable would join the Golf Club, the Round Table or even the Masons.

This guy’s open about who he talks and listens to. Tens of thousands visited that site.

Jim T., Lambeth


The most effective communities are ones that police themselves.

What Paddick did was to help bring the community together to do just that. Conversely the use and trade in crack cocaine and heroin is undermining these attempts

Edgar L., Lambeth


And to have that level of support for a policeman, in Brixton - he must be the right person for the job 

Ms H, Lambeth


Many things need to be considered when deciding the  policing polices for Lambeth. It is the views of the residents that need to be heard on this issue. Listen to the people of Lambeth not the tabloid press.  Lambeth wants Brian Paddick back at his desk.

Peter C, Lambeth 


There was a huge spontaneous cheer. It didn’t surprise me, because he has always regarded us in Brixton as allies, not as a means to furthering his career.

Mrs M., Lambeth


In an area with a history of distrust of the police that spans 20 years (and with good reason) the advances Commander Brian Paddick has made in community/police relations are remarkable

His integrity and clear committment to the borough of Lambeth and it's people should be a blueprint other police should work from.

Give the man back his job, he's bloody good at it!

Paul B, Brixton


Echo what Paul B says. If anyone in authority is listening - Brixton needs Paddick back asap!

Patrick L., Lambeth


Why remove someone from their job, if he has this amount of support from Local people????

Amanda D., Enfield


Brian knows what he is doing – everyone in Lambeth knows, why won’t anyone else believe this.

Thersa R., Tulse Hill


Keep the good ones !

Anya R.


Supporting the campaign.

Ben C. ,Lambeth


I support him because he has looked at the issue realistically.

Sheku M. ,Lambeth


With lesbians and gay men at least 10% of the population where would the world be – grind to a halt – without brave people like Brian we would have a sad world.

Vito W. ,Lambeth


Best police officer Great Britain has ever had.

Stephanie S. ,Lambeth


He is being punished for being realistic we need him back.

Nicky G., Lambeth


It’s good that Brixton/Lambeth can support a middle class male gay policeman with prejudice directed at him.

Jonas R. ,Lambeth


Sacked for ­not being a dinosaur.

Shirley O., Lewisham


Brian Paddick should be brought back to Brixton.

Linda S. ,Lambeth


Should be back at Brixton

H.B. ,Lambeth


Give him a chance.

Peter W. ,Lambeth


Reinstate Paddick, breath of fresh air in Lambeth.

S.B. & L.B. ,Lambeth


The right people get the wrong treatment.

R.M. Lambeth


Of course…..we can’t have people who stand up for what they believe in, what might happen ? – We might end up living in a sane and just world !

Paul K., Essex


Have more tolerance, sanity and politeness please (For a start !)

Jan H., Berlin


Come back.

A.M. ,Lambeth


Bring him back the community respects him and he’s been made a political scapegoat.

Maria D. ,Lambeth


Let’s see some innovation in the police force.

Christina C. ,Lambeth


About time ! – Come back and set the example for everyone else !

Deborah.B., Lambeth


Hope he may be reinstated.

L.P. ,Lambeth




Paddick for mayor !

Jeff R., Lambeth


Paddick is good for my area.

Richard B., SW2


We want him back for what he has achieved and I believe he has been persecuted due to his honesty and integrity.

A.G., Brixton




Ideas like Paddick’s are what will promote change and greater safety in Lambeth.

Mike M., Brixton


Please bring him back to Brixton.

Louise C., Brixton.


Bring him back. Stop the smears.

Jennifer H., Lambeth


We deserve him.

I.R. Lambeth.


Sounds like Brian is a popular man and he is in demand ! BRING HIM BACK PLEASE !!!!

Megan D., SE21

Stop homophobic persecutions. Bring him back !

Natasha B., SW2

End the stuffy state.

Kevin E., Herne Hill.




Who makes the rules in our society ? The press or the people ? Don’t let this vilification continue.

Eleanor H. ,Lambeth


As above !


N.L., Brixton


Lambeth wants him back !

Charlotte R. ,Lambeth