What the MPís Say:

Forty two MPís have signed an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons deploring the action taken against Brian Paddick


ďThat this House deplores the witch-hunt currently underway against Brian Paddick, until recently the Commander of the  Lambeth Police Force; deplores the homophobic nature of many of the smears and innuendoes directed against him; finds it extraordinary the Metropolitan Police  has taken action against him on the basis of a previous boyfriend once having committed acts the Home Office has now decided are no more serious than a  parking offence; and congratulates Commander Paddick for having the integrity and bravery to speak his mind on policing issues and hopes this episode will not discourage other policemen from doing the same in the futureĒ

Mr Jon Owen Jones

John Austin

Vera Baird

Mr Tony Banks

John Barrett

Mr Harold Best

Mr David Borrow

Mr Russell Brown

Mr Chris Bryant

Ms Karen Buck

Mr Alistair Carmichael

Mr Martin Caton

Mr Tony Colman

Jeremy Corbyn

Mrs Ann Cryer

Mr Ian Davidson

Mr Terry Davis

Clive Efford

Paul Flynn

Andrew George

Matthew Green

Nick Harvey

Paul Holmes

Dr Brian Iddon

Glenda Jackson

Lynne Jones

Mr Nigel Jones

Ian Lucas

Alice Mahon

Rob Marris

Chris McCafferty

Mr Edward O'Hara

Mr James Plaskitt

Mr Greg Pope

Mr Gordon Prentice

Adam Price

Mr Martin Salter

Alan Simpson

Mr Chris Smith

Mr Paul Stinchcombe

Dr Jenny Tonge