Letter from lambeth4paddick public meeting, 24 October 2002

To: Lord Toby Harris, Chair, Metropolitan Police Authority.

We, residents of Lambeth, wish to express our alarm at the damage that has been done to our community’s trust in the Metropolitan Police Service and the Metropolitan Police Authority, by your actions and those of Commissioner Sir John Stevens. Specifically:

Due process has been turned on its head by both Sir John Stevens and you, in that you announced Mr Paddick’s reposting ahead of the CPS report and of the disciplinary process;

You have shown no regard for the manifest, and unprecedented, support for Brian Paddick in our community. You have certainly made no attempt to seize that unique opportunity. Instead, you have adopted a strategy designed to thwart that support;

Sir John has gone back on his undertaking that, if there were no charges to be faced, then Mr Paddick would be returned to his duties in Lambeth;

Your own readiness to endorse Sir John Steven’s position has compromised a disciplinary panel drawn from your own Authority.

We therefore urge you to act responsibly to restore Lambeth’s confidence in the Metropolitan Police, by:

Demonstrating your continued commitment to the borough, by retaining the rank of Commander for the chief officer post;

Returning Commander Brian Paddick to that post.

Lord Harris’ response