This website has been produced by ordinary people in Lambeth. We have no friends in high places and no contacts in the media.  We just want to see fair play for our borough. That means proper evaluation of the cannabis trial and Commander Brian Paddick back in his job

This site is first and foremost a resource for Lambeth. We’ll set out the issues fairly, report the facts and give everyone a chance to have their say.

But one thing is clear. We believe senior policemen and policing policies should be determined by the proper authorities, with local people, not by the newspaper with the biggest chequebook. Brian Paddick turned the rhetoric of community policing into reality. We want the guy back.

Our committments:

We are committed not to report, or relay, any information which we know, or have good cause to think,is other than true. Please report to us any matters of fact described in this site, which you believe to be in error, and we shall resolve the matter as quickly as is reasonably possible. If any person feels they are being unfairly represented, then please also contact us and we shall resolve the matter as quickly as is reasonably possible.

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All details of individuals (principally email addresses) given to us shall be used only to keep those individuals  informed of the campaigns progress, developments on this website, events and so forth. They shall not be disclosed to any third party and records shall be destroyed when this campaign is finished.

We shall take on good faith, in the first instance, all expressions of opinion sent to us through the “Lambeth Talk” feature of this site. We shall not, however, carry any material coming from other than a valid email address. We shall poll a random sample of emails to establish that the opinions expressed are indeed those of the owner of the address. Nor shall we carry opinions which might reasonably be judged to be libelous or in any way discriminatory, or abusive, on the basis of age, gender, sexuality or ethnicity or in  any other way.

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