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Cannabis Trial: The Facts

The Met have now released a detailed analysis of drug related offences before, and during, the cannabis trial (MPS press release, 10 July 2002) together with details of all offenses in Lambeth over the trial period (MPS Crime Statistics)

Drug Related Offences

Drug Related Offences

Average Monthly, July 00 to June 01 (Pre-Trial)

Average Monthly, July 01 to May 02 (Trial)


Cannabis Possession, (Arrest or Warning)

47.9 offences

108.2 offences


Cannabis Possession, %age from out of borough



+2% points

Class A Drug Trafficking (Arrest)

17.0 offences

20.4 offences


Crack Cocaine (Arrest)

5.8 offences

9.2 offences


Class A Drug Accused Suppliers, %age from out of borough



-10% points

There has been:

    A more than doubling of the rate of intervention for cannabis possession, with scant evidence of “drugs tourism” amongst users;

    Increases in arrests for both Class A drug trafficking and Crack Cocaine. If anything, there has been a decline in the numbers of dealers in Class A drugs coming from out of borough, and getting arrested.


50 out of 66 junior schools responded to the survey, whilst 7 out of 10 secondary schools did so.

Junior schools reported no change in incidents relating to cannabis.

Secondary schools reported a decrease incidents relating to cannabis, with fewer confiscations taking place, all of which led to exclusions.


Other Priority Crimes


July 2001

June 2002


Street Crime               (Reported Offences)




Domestic Burglary          (Reported Offences)




Street Crime                     (Share of London Total)



-5.4 % points

Domestic Burglary              (Share of London Total)



-1.5 % points

Lambeth has seen a remarkable drop in Street Crime, and a substantial drop in domestic burglaries. For both offences, Lambeth’s share of the London totals has also dropped. This is because the respective falls in Lambeth have been faster than for the capital as a whole.

The Safer Streets Initiative (redeploying traffic officers to deal with Street Crime) took place in February and March 2002. Lambeth’s decline in Street Crime started from October 2001 and is still continuing.

All in all, impressive results. Congratulations to Cammander Paddick, Acting Borough Commander Brian Moore (who has taken the reins at a particularly difficult time) and all the Lambeth officers.

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